What Your Office Says About You

Do you ever stop to think what kind of impression your office is making on potential clients and visitors with right ? A messy, untidy office says you don’t care about your company, and that you’re disorganised. A neat, contemporary office filled with the latest furniture says that you’re efficient, reliable and style conscious. Which company would you rather work with? Your office is the first thing that many people will see before applying for a job with you or doing business with your firm, so it’s important to spend time getting right . Coolofficelayouts.com share their advice on how to keep your office connected with your brand image.

Tidy Office, Tidy Mind

Whether you can afford to hire a cleaning service or need to keep your office clean and tidy yourself, it’s essential to ensure it looks neat and organised. An office stacked precariously with piles of files not only looks unprofessional, it creates a tripping hazard for staff. By investing in storage cabinets to store files and other documentation, keeping your office tidy will become second nature, but you’ll still need to dust surfaces and hoover regularly to ensure it looks welcoming.

Old Fashioned Style

There’s a time and a place for old-fashioned style, and if you think that heavy, dark wood desks with leather tops are fashionable than by all means furnish your office in this style! For most companies, something a bit more contemporary works better, so choose light wood and glass to create an airy, spacious feel interior office design.

Think About Your Client

Investing in revamping your reception area is important, as this is the first impression visitors and clients will get of your business. Think about the type of person you’re wishing to attract and use this to fuel your design ideas. Whether you work with a firm of commercial interior designers or do the work yourself, the key is to create a bright, welcoming space where visitors will feel comfortable – that means plenty of seating, a stack of magazines and possibly a coffee machine. Hiring a friendly receptionist will help too with cool office layouts.

It’s the Little Things

The little things can often say a lot about your office and company. So don’t miss little things while creating the right interior office design. Bin the chipped, unsightly white mugs and invest in stylish new crockery which can be used for visiting clients – make sure they’re clean! Update stacks of magazines, so people aren’t forced to read an issue from 2 years ago, and take the time to position company business cards and literature in your reception area, if you can – this makes a great first impression on anyone visiting your offices.

Your office says a lot about your firm and once you’ve made a first impression (whether positive or negative), there’s no going back! So take the time to ensure that first impression you make on clients is a positive one and your firm will be set for success in 2017. Just a few small changes to your interior office design and the way you look at it can help to create a more positive ambience which clients and visitors will appreciate.

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