Un-bore Your Office Cubicle With These Decor Ideas

All office cubicle are alike – drab and dreary. And yet the average American worker spends thousands of hours in it every year. And just because it was designed to be monotonous doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. If you will be working in the same cubicle for years, you will feel a certain sense of ownership towards it, such that you would want it to reflect your personality. This is easily done by decorating.

Before you get too fired up and begin transforming your cubicle into a mini-bedroom, here are a few words of caution. Use a little restraint when decorating. After all, your cubicle is just that – a cubicle. It is not your bedroom. Therefore, refrain from placing articles that are too personal or that would make you too comfortable (to fall asleep, for example). Try to see how managers and supervisors decorate their cubicles and take it from there. If people in your office are a bit moderate with their decorations, it would be good to follow suit. Decorate also not just for yourself but for visitors as well. Try to imagine what a visitor’s impression would be of you if he sees your decoration.

But whether your office is conservative or tolerant with certain decorations, here are a few things you can add to your workspace without creating any distraction, to you or to your officemates:

  • Photos – Place photos of family and friends on your desk. These are actually stress-relievers when pressure at work becomes almost unbearable.
  • Plants – Small potted plants are ideal for most cubicles as these usually do not obstruct the passage of co-workers or their view of you. Aside from making your cubicle a bit more “homey”, it also helps clean the air.
  • You can also post quotes or your favorite poems on your cubicle. These will inspire you every time you read them. Just be careful about what you post. If you feel, that these might be offensive to some people, just leave it out.
  • A candy dish is also a convenient way of making visitors feel welcome. You can also post welcoming greetings which will encourage fellow workers to visit your workspace.

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