Office Lighting Design Principles

All lights are not same. There are differences between them according to color tone and they may affect you in different ways. So you should choose your office lighting carefully.

Intended Purpose of Lamps

Each lamp fulfills its own purpose and has its own function. So make sure that the room lighting is aligned according to the respective use of the room. For example, The living room should be equipped with warmer light than the office.

Make the Right Choice, Get more Benefit

The right lighting in the office influences not only the work performance, but also the atmosphere. Bright light helps working but can quickly create a cold, unfriendly sterile atmosphere. Also, too warm light is not suitable for working at the desk. The office lighting should be friendly but also need to have enough brightness for the work.

Another aspect that can positively influence work in the office is the shape of the lamp. Depending on the type of office, you should also choose the lamp shape. For example, in architectural office, something unusual and stylish lamps can be used. But in law firm, stylish lamps may would be too fancy for work environment.

The range of office lighting is very large. So when you are establishing an office, you should take some time to think about lighting before purchase your office accessories. Before you move on, don’t forget to check our another guide; Cool Office Lights for an Undisturbed Work

Office Lighting Design

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