Modern Office Design Trends

The modern office design is part of the corporate culture. It’s not only includes the presentation and the appearance of the company to the outside, it also demonstrates the attitude and the appreciation of a company against the employees. The modern, innovative and employee-oriented office is on the rise and being used by more and more companies, not just in the Silicon Valley or at American companies like Google, Facebook. Keep reading for modern office design trends and stay on for the best layouts.

In the end, the concept of modern offices pursues four guiding principles:

  • An improvement of the company-internal communication.
  • Creating a feel-good factor for employees.
  • Ensuring the health of employees.
  • The efficient use of space and resources.


The office space is increasingly part of corporate culture and innovative, modern thinking. The modern office design trends now a lot of openness and more design-technical elements. The modern office has many advantages and more efficient in several respects than previous models. Even the simplicity of offices now more and more on the collar. The modern office impresses with design furniture, creative design and variety. Why? The goal of this strategy is primarily to improve the creativity, the work-life and the mind of the employees. Of course, an office is not just about design, but also the sense and usability of the furniture must be given for cool office layouts.

Advantages of Open Space Office Environment

If you work together in a large office, there is a new connectivity between the employees. The communication paths are shortened, problems can be solved more quickly. But the interactive relationship between the employees is also improving as they spend much more time together. The disadvantage of an excessive volume level or too little room for concentration is leveled out by a good acoustic architecture and the possibility of doing individual tasks in separated areas.

Dispense the Office with Walls

Open Space Offices completely dispense with fixed walls, rooms for meetings and retreats for the employees are still available. These are partly shielded by partitions, but in the same room. Through noise-swallowing building elements, plants, glass walls or modern style elements such as a different-colored wall, the employee will never unhappy. Also different floor coverings such as a change from tiles to parquet or the like promises a different feeling of space.

Modern Office Design Trends

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