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Be environmentalist at home with whether your office is a separate room with a desk and a lot of equipment or simply be an area in your room or in the kitchen you can eat a lot more energy and resources elsewhere in your home. If you want to remove your environmental footprint of the office in your home here are some ways on how to achieve this on coolofficelayouts.com


Keep a separate basket for recyclable paper. It’s amazing how much “junk” can build up in the office of your house and if you only have a basket for waste paper, will become the place where old batteries terminate any garbage, plastic wrap and paper before going to landfills. Batteries should be recycled in appropriate locations, not throw them in the trash and paper and sticky notes can be easily recycled, if you keep separate.

Cut the amount of paper you use in your office to minimize the amount of printing you do. Consider whether you really need to print emails or drafts of documents in which you are working. Use the double print option on your printer to use both sides of the sheet. Today, even the inkjet printer inexpensive, can print on both sides of the paper sheet.

Keep your documents and correspondence that you receive and use the opposite side as papers for quick notes or scrap paper. Even the envelopes can be used to jot down a quick note to you. Buy eco-friendly items. Large stores of goods for the office are a little eco-conscious and have all sorts of basic items made ​​from recycled materials. Recycled printing paper, folders, ink cartridges and even paper clips, are already available.

Saving Money and Material

Our another mention about home office tips is think about how you use your computer in your office. Computers, modems and printers need not be on 24 hours a day. Turn them off at the end of your working day and save all kinds of energy in the course of a month. Want a new computer? Consider a laptop instead of a desktop.

You will benefit from the added convenience of being able to move from place to place and use less power than the desktop (some estimates indicate that a laptop uses about a quarter of the energy consumed by a desktop) If you want to get rid your big monitor, most new laptops can be connected directly to a LCD monitor.

Educate yourself about electronic waste (e-waste). Whenever you change or upgrade your electronics piece office recycle it responsibly. Several of the components (particularly in old electronics), contain hazardous materials and should not be thrown in the trash. Several cities have electronic recycling locations where you can take your electronic waste for responsible recycling.

If you know some home office tips and follow them, all will be more useful in your home office.

Home Office Tips

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