Google Headquarter Office Design

is situated in California, United States and known as Googleplex. The Google office is famous for its innovative working environment and smart team. Its facilities offering to workers many quality opportunity. World class cafeteria and working zones along with entertainment areas in one place. This is a really nice example to examine while creating your own cool office layouts.


The engineers and workers are treated equally and are provided with the flexibility of doing work and implementing ideas. Google headquarter office is the greenest of all and designed with an environment friendly aim. The building uses solar panels and specialised ventilation system. It consist of 9212 photovoltaic panels that supply 1.6 mega watts of electricity to the campus. These solar panels also help in recharging the fleet of plug in hybrid electric vehicles at the Google office in California.

Googleplex offers bicycles, massage chairs, inflatable balls, lava lamps etc. for their workers. And also sharing cubes to the works generally referred as Googlers. There are huddle rooms, yurts and few solo offices in here and there are laptops provided personally to each member of the organisation. The Google office also provides an entertainment zone to their staff members which consists of foosball, volleyball courts, pool tables, video games, ping pong tables, pianos and gyms which provides dance and yoga classes.

Entertaining Office Environment

The Google office is designed as such that it provides all the facilities to the workers including wine tasting, salsa dancing, film and meditation facilities. Variety of cafes is available at Google office in California which offers healthy and nutritious lunches and dinners. Break rooms are designed to offer relaxable time to the Googlers which is filled with snacks and drinks which help them work nonstop.

The mountain view of the Googleplex makes it a more beautiful place to work with. Google headquarter office also has onsite organic garden supplies. The availability of community bikes made the meetings across the campus easier. The campus is also presented with a bronze fossil of t-rex by Larry and Sergey. Moreover, heated endless pools are available round the year at Googleplex.

As you can see the most valuable company of the world, Google aiming to create comfortable work area for their workers and want them to feel like “at home”. So, workers won’t be depressed as we trying to mention in our office design tips on

Google Headquarter Office

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