Feng Shui Office Layout

A Feng Shui office layout is similar to a home. are usually designed to achieve a good balance in the office environment as well as between the employees. There are various that you can choose for your office

Long corridors should be avoided

Long corridors should always be avoided in a Feng shui office layout. That is because; the flow of chi is known to be powerful. You can place some plant pots along the office dividers and long corridors to slow down the flow of Chi.

Sharp edges should be avoided

Choose ’s that do not have sharp and pointed edges. If at all there is with sharp edges, ensure that these are not facing your sitting position. Generally curved and rounded edges are preferred in office. They not only a part of a cool office layout, but also look elegant

Let your office be lit up with

Feng Shui always believes that an office should have ample natural sunlight entering through the windows. Natural sunlight helps the mind to be fresh and employee satisfaction level is also known to be boosted. You can know more about Fengshui office layouts from coolofficelayouts.com

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