Cool Desk Accessories for The Office

We spend about 8 hours a day at our workplace, many people already call it a second home. In this place we spend a lot of time, sometimes in hustle and bustle when tasks have to be done quickly, but the workplace can also be a place to relax from time to time. Value your work environment with .

To make your desk a bit of your home, we have some helpful tips for you on

Most of the time we look at a monitor, which often has little color. But it can be decorated with trifles such as funny greeting cards or self-painted pictures of the children. In stressful situations, these miracles can cause a miraculous smile. An image of your dream car can also serve as a motivation, because you have your goal in the field of view and come closer to this goal every day.

Nowadays, it is also modern to place colorful post-it in a cat or unicorn donor. This makes your desk no longer sterile and is a real eye-catcher. Colored folders, calendars or desk pads also offer a pleasant change to the otherwise neutral furniture colors. Even a small plant can soothe and decorate your workplace.

With colorful or glittery Washi tape, you can also give your keyboard a color touch by cutting out small squares and sticking them to the buttons. Colorful pencils give your workplace color. For those who like it a bit more exclusive, there are presenters of marble. Tray, cups or plates can be placed on this and it looks chic.

As you can see, you can easily embellish your workplace with small tips and tricks and personalize your workspace with cool desk accessories. However, major changes should be discussed with your boss, so that every other employee feels comfortable at his “second home”.

Cool Desk Accessories

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