Advantages of Glass in an Office Layout

There was a time when old offices were partitioned by wooden partitions so that employees could have their own privacy and they could concentrate. Gone are those days and now new glass partitions are coming in as cool office layouts. Read on.

Glass partitions have a number of advantages. Here are some of the following


People are of opinion that glass partitions do not have privacy. However, that is not true. Soundproof glass partitions provide privacy and confidentiality if you are on a call. You can opt for frosted glass if you feel that people are looking at you.

Maintains connectivity

Glass partition helps to maintain connectivity among employees. Employees can speak to each other, discuss their problems, and interact with each other when required. It creates positive vibes among employees and helps in increasing productivity among employees.

Professional look

Glass carries a very professional and . They look sophisticated and elegant when they are maintained well and cleaned regularly. There are different colors that you can use for your office and different designs as well. You can communicate well, boost your team through hand gestures and smile at each other as well. Check out some cool office layouts made of glass from

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